24 March 2015

Mirasys Moment Webinar on 9th of April – A Koda Plus presents Mirasys Solution for City Park Parking House in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Mirasys Moment webinar is held on the 9th of April (Thu) on three separate time slots: 10.00 (10 am), 15.00 (3 pm), and 18.00 (6 pm), EET time, UTC+2.

Mirasys partner A Koda Plus presents City Park Parking House case in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The management of City Park wanted to provide a very high security level for vehicles in the Parking House and at the same time fulfill the commercial needs. They decided to have intelligent Mirasys VMS solution including ANPR+ and Reporting and add over 100 high resolution IP cameras to the system.

A Koda Plus ( boasts more than 20 years of experience and expertise in consulting, planning, implementation and maintenance of the building security systems. Their mission is to ensure effective and affordable solutions for building technologies which provides their customers with the highest level of safety and security for people and property within the scope of requirements and available budget.

We welcome you to join us in learning more about the City Park case presented by A Koda Plus. We will also present an overview about the possibilities Mirasys solution can provide to increase the intelligence of your security system to meet also the commercial needs.

The topics include, but are not limited, to:

A Koda Plus: City Park Parking House case in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Intelligent Mirasys VMS solution overview

Jurij Plut (Product Manager) from A Koda Plus presents the case (25 min). Petri Bäckström (Security Product Line Director), will discuss the benefits of the intelligent Mirasys VMS solution (15min).

To sign up for the webinar at any of the presentation times (10am, 3pm, 6pm), please send an e-mail with the contact information on the participants – and which presentation they will attend – to:

We have reserved ten minutes for questions and comments in the end, but if you have anything you would like us to address, please contact us by mail ( before the event!

City Park Parking House: