07 April 2016

Mirasys Moment Webinar on 7th of April – Mirasys Agile Video Matrix - webinar recording now available!

Webinar recording available in the Downloads area.

The Mirasys Moment Webinar was held on the 7th of April.

Learn all about Mirasys Agile Video Matrix and what is the difference between AVM and a video wall.

Mirasys Agile Virtual Matrix (AVM) is the perfect solution for surveillance centers, commercial centers, and multi-office environments. Mirasys AVM combines the feature rich environment offered by Mirasys VMS software with an extremely flexible interface for controlling an unlimited number of surveillance monitors in a customizable environment. Monitor configurations, layouts, and event handling can be tailored according to any surveillance system’s individual needs.

Mirasys AVM picture

Mirasys AVM has an add-on structure. It means that, for example,

  • AVM can be placed anywhere in the networked system
  • in one solution/system you can have several AVMs
  • all AVMs in the same system are operationally independent from each others.

With Mirasys AVM you can move the surveillance management dynamically from one AVM to another, for example, in weekends, nighttime, or in a case of illness or other exceptional circumstances, providing significant savings in the long term.

Mirasys AVM provides limitless scalability helping to adapt to the changing business environment. 

Video wall is a standard functionality in Mirasys Spotter client.

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Join us for a webinar on APR 07, 2016 at 10:00 AM EET / 8.00 AM UTC / 9.00 AM CET:

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Nadja Mikkilä (Senior QA Engineer) will present an overview of Mirasys AVM and explain how it differs from the video wall (20 min). Arto Kiiskinen (Product Development Manager) shows an AVM demo video (10 min).

We have reserved ten minutes for questions and comments in the end, but if you have anything you would like us to address, please contact us by mail ( before the event!

You are warmly welcome!